1. Resolution from the Aliyah & Rescue Committee

Whereas the Jewish Agency has brought over 3 million Jews on Aliyah to their homeland in the Land of Israel; and


Whereas the Jewish Agency has brought more than 97,000 Beta Yisrael and FalashMura to their historic homeland in Israel; and


Whereas Aliyah is central and fundamental to the mission of the Jewish Agency for Israel;


Therefore, be it resolved that:

The Jewish Agency, trusting and expecting that the Government of Israel will fulfill its originally pledged commitment to conclude the historic Aliyah from Ethiopia by the end of March 2014 as planned, resolves to work in conjunction with the Government of Israel to bring and absorb the remaining roughly 4000 FalashMura from Ethiopia to Israel by the end of March 2014.









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26 Dec 2011 / 30 Kislev 5772 0