3. 60 Years Anniversary of the Claims Conference

WHEREAS           sixty years ago, The Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (“The Claims Conference") signed the first agreement with the West German government, which provided the Claims Conference with DM 450 million for the relief, rehabilitation and resettlement of Jewish victims of Nazi persecution, according to the urgency of their need as determined by the Claims Conference ; and


WHEREAS            the Jewish Agency for Israel was one of the main constituencies that originally established the Claims Conference; and


WHEREAS            the Jewish Agency for Israel has, throughout the past sixty years, actively participated and cooperated with the Claims Conference and deeply appreciates the Claims Conference's ongoing efforts in obtaining a measure of justice for Jewish Holocaust victims; and           


WHEREAS            the Jewish Agency for Israel profoundly appreciates the Claim Conference's ongoing support for educational programs which have strengthened the awareness of the Holocaust within the consciousness of generations of young Jews, 



The Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency warmly congratulates the Claims Conference on 60 years of untiring and faithful work for the benefit of victims of Nazi persecution worldwide and commends the Claims Conference for all its continuing efforts made towards achieving a small measure of justice for those who suffered so terribly at the hands of the Nazi regime.






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23 Dec 2012 / 10 Tevet 5773 0