1. Resolution for Multi-Year Funding: Pre-Military Program “Derech Eretz”

>Be it resolved that following the recommendation of the Budget and Finance Committee and of the Executive, the Board of Governors resolves as follows: >Whereas:       one of the goals of the Jewish Agency to Israel is educating the younger generation on Jewish and Zionist values, and strengthening Israel's vulnerable populations, especially in Priority Areas, and helping to integrate them into Israeli society; and

Whereas:       the Jewish Agency operates a Pre-Military  Program called - “Derech Eretz”, which is a half-year program that is designed for school graduates from the general population. Target audience is young people from social and geographical periphery, from regular schools, from youth villages and immigrants, which do not currently receive a significant educational preparatory program before their induction into the army; and

Whereas:       the Grass Foundation is interested in participating in financing the Pre-Military Program “Derech Eretz”, and has expressed a willingness to commit to an annual payment of 200 thousand US dollars for five school years 2013/9-2018/8 subject to the Jewish Agency commitment to an annual payment of 200 thousand US dollars for five school years 2013/9-2018/8; and

Whereas:       the Jewish Agency wishes to make such a multi-year commitment;


Therefore be it resolved:

1.         A multi-year commitment of 200 thousand US dollars per annum, for five school years 2013/9-2018/8, is approved for JAFI's participation in the financing of the Pre-Military Program “Derech Eretz”.

2.   The Finance unit is authorized to handle the implementation of the above resolution, in accordance to the memorandum of understanding that shall be signed by the Grass Foundation.




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04 Jan 2015 / 13 Tevet 5775 0