3. Special Task Force on France

WHEREAS: at its meeting on November 13th The Jewish Agency Executive received a report on the Special Task Force on France and it positively views the cooperation between The Jewish Agency, the World Zionist Organization, the Ministry for Jerusalem and the Diaspora, the Ministry of Aliyah & Absorption and the Ministry of Tourism; and

WHEREAS: the Executive considers the recent developments in France a window of opportunity for increasing aliyah from France, for strengthening Jewish Identity and strengthening the Zionist Jewish Education amongst French Jewry ;


1. The Board of Governors supports the work of the Task Force and the process as reported on and looks forward to receive recommendations for a work plan at its February 2014 meeting.
2. The Board of Governors welcomes the willingness of Keren Hayesod and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to join the joint effort.



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01 Mar 2015 / 10 Adar II 5775 0