2. Resolution

Whereas the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) is a strategic partner of the Israeli government on matters of Aliyah and conversion, with an emphasis on conversions conducted in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and in running the Joint Institute for Jewish Studies;
And whereas JAFI believes that the State of Israel and the Jewish People in Israel and in the Diaspora have a vital interest in increasing the number of non-Jewish Israelis who complete the process of conversion;
And whereas JAFI believes that increasing the number of conversion courts in Israel and creating a more welcoming policy towards those interested in conversion will increase the number of conversions;
And whereas in recent years the Jewish Agency fulfilled an important and central role in finding solutions for serious disagreements surrounding conversions, in partnership with the Government of Israel, Jewish Federations of North America and other bodies;
And whereas the Israeli Knesset is once again discussing a proposed bill dealing with conversions in Israel;
NOW THEREFORE the Jewish Agency for Israel Board of Governors hereby resolves that it:
Embraces the efforts of members of the Knesset, including MK Elazar Stern, to create a legislative framework for the establishment of an increased number of conversion courts and the adoption of a more welcoming policy towards both long-time and new citizens and residents of Israel interested in conversion; and
Requests that the Chairman of the Executive and the Government Relations Unit follow the legislative process as it evolves, and communicate to legislators the importance to worldwide Jewry of the principle that any legislation regarding conversion be pursued in the spirit of Jewish unity, and with the goal of increasing the number of converts and creating a more welcoming policy towards prospective converts.



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01 Mar 2015 / 10 Adar II 5775 0