Whereas The Unity of the Jewish People Committee calls on the Board of Governors to adopt a resolution expressing The Jewish Agency's support for the establishment of special conversion courts to address the needs of Jewish communities that seek The Jewish Agency's assistance with regard to conversion in all streams; and


Whereas In light of The Jewish Agency's responsibility to help ensure the unity of the Jewish people and in recognition of the existence of many interfaith families in various Jewish communities, The Jewish Agency wishes to facilitate these families' full integration into the Jewish people via conversion, as well as through the possibility of Aliyah. In the absence of conversion courts able to serve those who wish to convert in many Jewish communities, The Jewish Agency will cooperate with the special conversion courts established for this purpose by sending rabbis to assist local communal rabbis.


Therefore be it resolved that The Jewish Agency will accompany the converts through their process of preparing for Aliyah, for those who choose that option.



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12 Nov 2015 / 30 Heshvan 5776 0