1. Children should know all the preparations that the Israelites made in Egypt before they left.
  2. The preparations were not merely preparations for leaving a place, but were conditions for being allowed (by God) to leave. (The Pesach sacrifice, with blood on the doorstops and lintels, and circumcision.)
  3. Pupils should be aware that although they made preparations four days in advance, when it came to actually leaving there was a mad rush because they were not able to dawdle (Exodus 12:39). God was kind to Israel in taking them out quickly at the last minute.
  4. That which made Israel valuable to God was their trust in God. This was expressed both by taking the animal on the tenth, and in not preparing food for the journey but relying on God to provide for them in the desert.
  5. Pupils should be conscious of the importance of
    1. physical preparations: cleaning the house, getting rid of hamets, baking matshas, etc.; and
    2. spiritual preparations: getting ready to tell the story of the Exodus.
  6. Pupils should be familiar with the laws connected with searching for and burning hamets, koshering utensils, and the ban on hamets (not only eating on Pesach).




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