The Road Map: International All, Nothing or Something? by Gila Ansell Brauner


 - How the Road Map is presented by the Quartet, in terms of implications and implementations.

 - Whether this proposed solution is going to be imposed on both parties - and by whom.

To analyze the issues below, make a Road Map Table, using the latest draft and fill it in - see the example below:

December Draft

Road Map Content Table

Israel Deadline The Palestinians Deadline
IDF in Palestinian cities - withdrawal   Cessation of terror, terror organizations  
Settlement building, illegal settlement outposts   Cessation of incitement  
Dismantling settlements   Governmental reform  


    1. Whether the final Road Map includes the Saudi demand for "Right of Return" of Palestinian refugees.
    2. Whether the Road Map has teeth, or looks like another Mission Impossible.
    3. Will there be separate assurances to each side?
    4. Whether the Road Map includes a definition of peace, specifies recognition of Israel, an end to terrorism and incitement.
    5. What it says about settlements, in the short and long term.
    6. What it says about borders addressed and whether this will be feasible for both parties.
    7. How the issue of Jerusalem is addressed and whether this will be acceptable to both parties?
    8. How the issue of the "end of the conflict" is addressed and enforced.
    9. What the document offers, and what does it not offer.




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