The Road Map: International All, Nothing or Something? by Gila Ansell Brauner


Israel Insider

"Road Map" for Middle East Peace Presented Officially to Israel, Palestinians
By Ellis Shuman
Official presentation, Powell's upcoming visit and Powell on Abu Mazen's task, spokesperson's comment on the bombings not derailing the peace process, or deterring the US; short overview of the three phases of the Road Map.


Q&A with Danny Rubenstein on Abu Mazen and Arafat
Live FAQ. Transcript of worldwide online, interactive session. Optimistic, but detailed answers on the Road Map, bombing, Abu Mazen, borders, settlements, chances and sticking points in resolution of the conflict.

Road Map Given to Sharon, Abu Mazen
By Aluf Benn and Arnon Regular
Overview of major points, with a different flavour. Presenters of Road Map to the Israelis and Palestinians; reaction by officials on each side; other criticisms on each side. Important article for the basis of the monitoring process. Possible allusion to question of what accompanied presentation of the Road Map, for each side.


Changes Sought to Mideast Road Map
Overview of process, points, objections, chances and obstacles to the Road Map; including Arab states' comments. Links behind the article to highlights of the Road Map, Tel Aviv bombing, transcripts from Abu Mazen's speech, Nabil Shaat's interview



Web Perspectives A-Z


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Bitter Lemons

A Personal Road Map: The Vision and How to Get There
Ghassan Khatib, Yossi Alpher, Qadura Fares and Efraim Inbar,
3rd March 2003

Two different Palestinian views of the Road Map initiative: its incomplete nature as a Peace Process, need for parallel movement; stress on Israeli obligations;
Two different Israeli views of how to build a successful Road Map: converging processes required; fail-safe requirements and feasible objectives over 15-20 years.

Capital Commentary

Road Map to Middle East Peace
Donald Kruse
7th April 2003

Expectations of the Coalition and the USA's "Arab friends" is to prioritize the Road Map soon, to overcome inertia in the Mid-East Peace process and reach permanent settlement, with the US foregoing its solo status in this arena. It is even-handed and US promotion of the Road Map will redress the balance of anti-American sentiment.

Christian Science Monitor

Bumps in Middle East 'Road Map'
Nicole Gauette,
25th February 2003

The dynamics of the process, plus a summary guide to content. More about the Israeli reservations and coalition problems than the Palestinian objections.

The Guardian

Bush Will Stand Firm on Middle East Road Map
Patrick Wintour and Chris McGreal
Saturday, 29th March 2003

US President Bush told British PM Blair that he is committed to the Road Map, without changes, despite previous willingness to listen to Israeli ideas. The UK promised to work on Iranian and Syrian support for Palestinian terrorists. Israel's alternatives to the Road Map, as produced by the IDF and leaked last month, are outlined.

Gush Shalom

A Road Map to Nowhere Or: Much Ado About Nothing
Uri Avnery

The Road Map does not reflect the underlying interests, priorities and power of its authors (the Quartet), or the intentions of the parties, but failure might be averted were it a good document. Despite "worldwide consensus" on its positive goals, the road (direction and mechanisms) is overly ambitious, and it lacks a timetable to the endpoint. The Quartet members will be incapable able to make unanimous decisions and the process is already 6 months behind its starting date. The document is imbalanced, demanding far more changes of the Palestinians in the four stages before the permanent status negotiations, than it does concessions from Israel, which can also veto any point through the US.


Mid East Road Map Section
Elements of a performance-based road map to a permanent two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Draft from December 2002

The Battle for Washington
David Landau
Friday 28th March, 2003

AIPAC conference members and prominent Jewish leaders would express reservations on the Road Map to Congress if necessary; together with the Christian Zionists, this is a large constituency, which President Bush must take into account. But there are also other international interests at stake, and other Jewish viewpoints which consider the moment after the war on Iraq to be a window of opportunity to usher in a new order and end the conflict this way - their voice will only be heard if supported from the Israeli peace camp.

Corridors of Power / Eroding the Road Map
Uzi Benziman
Friday 4th April, 2003

Silvan Shalom's US meetings indicate that the Road Map is to be implemented immediately, contrary to Ariel Sharon's expectations. Illegal settlements will have to be dismantled and settlement building frozen. Settlers are worried, but doubt that any Israeli government could enforce these decisions. Abu Mazen's ability to form a government and his performance are also under the US eye.

The Day After is Already Here
Yoel Marcus
Friday 4th April, 2003

The US needs to repair relations with the EU in a manner which will restore Tony Blair's status within it. A greater imperative is to restore relations with the Arab states - by resolving the Palestinian problem, using Israel to pay the I.O.U. The Road Map will be implemented without delays, so Ariel Sharon must prove he is a trustworthy partner (on settlements), or be discounted (like Arafat). Israel should pre-empt, with "constructive initiatives" for a safer Middle East in the improved regional security: there will be no peace with settlement activity.

Peace Index: Cross-Party Agreement: The New Economic Plan Won't Work 
Prof. Ephraim Yaar and Dr. Tamar Hermann 
March 2003

48% (against 45%) of Israelis believe that the success of any economic plan is linked to a political solution to solve the conflict, but the majority oppose pressure via imposed solutions.

A Map to National Disaster
Uzi Landau
8th April 2003

A prize for Arafat and terror, without essential provisions of recognition for Israel/end to violence, denial of Right of Return for refugees (important in light of the Saudi initiative). Defines unfeasible future borders for Israel (pre-67), divides Jerusalem, internationalizes the conflict and condones the EU's blind eye to Palestinian terror.

Israel Insider

Cabinet Will Debate "Road Map" Reservations Only After Americans See Them
Ellis Shuman
April 7, 2003

US attitude towards the principles of the Road Map and Israel's reservations; how the representatives of the Israeli government understand the Road Map and Israel's security interests, on which there will be "no compromise"; summaries of Israeli newspaper analyses - from the Hebrew. 


Mid East Web

Draft Road Map
October 15, 2003 and link to the earlier version of September 17, 2002

Yossi Beilin website

A Road Map to the House Next Door
October 30th 2002
Welcomes any peace initiative to return to the negotiating table, but this is a clumsy "patchwork paper". However, there are no original proposals in this 3-phase plan to overcome the cycle of terrorism and retribution, and the provisional state ideas are impracticable. Instead of immediate peace negotiations, there will be another international conference and more delays.



Haaretz Newspaper on Walla

"תשובת ישראל למפת הדרכים: מדינה פלסטינית - "לא עצמאית

The December update of the Road Map will be presented as a draft to both sides quite soon; Israel's main problems with it include preference for US, rather than Quartet (European) supervision and that Israel wants passage from stage to stage to be conditional upon compliance.

מועצת יש"ע: מפת הדרכים גרועה מאוסלו

Council of Judea and Samaria points out that the Road Map is based on the Saudi initiative, which includes pre-67 borders and the Right of Return

צה"ל: "מפת הדרכים" האמריקאית עונה לצורכי הביטחון

In November 2002, the IDF's Strategic Planning Division felt that the Road Map offered Israel a staged process, which was an innovation in itself and a diplomatic advantage, together with a response to her security needs. They recommended accepting it and presenting reservations on security provisions at the same time.

Yossi Beilin website

מפת דרכים לדלת השכנים
October 30th 2002

Welcomes any peace initiative to return to the negotiating table, but this is a clumsy "patchwork paper". However, there are no original proposals in this 3-phase plan to overcome the cycle of terrorism and retribution, and the provisional state ideas are impracticable. Instead of immediate peace negotiations, there will be another international conference and more delays.



Le Figaro

Les Quinze Objections de Sharon à la «Feuille de Route»
Pierre Prier





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