Musical Exchange

Music is a platform that communicates too many people at once. Music, as art, is an international language that we all understand and can bring hearts together. Music is an integral part of the NOLA identity and with that, Rosh Ha’ayin is declaring itself as "City of Music." In the last few years, Rosh Ha’ayin built a music section within its high school, invested in its Conservatory Music School, and created quite a few representative music groups, some of which successfully performed internationally, also within P2K frame. Therefore, it is suggested that a project involving musicians from both cities may be a perfect match. In this project, a connection will be established, resulting in incoming and outgoing delegations, between the conservatory in RH and NOCA (school of arts) in NOLA. Professional musicians teachers and students will conduct and participate in educational master class sessions that can be complemented by a concert or set of events.