Torah laws according to Sefer Hakhinukh (all in Exodus 12 or 13):

  • 6. * To eat the meat of the korban Pesach;
  • 7. * Not to eat the korban Pesach raw or stewed;
  • 8. * Not to leave any of the meat over (till morning).
  • 10. To eat matza.
  • 16. * Not to break any bones in the korban Pesach.
  • 17. * No uncircumcised male may eat of the korban Pesach.
  • 21. To relate the story of the Exodus.

    *These laws apply only when there is a Sanctuary, or at least an altar, so that the korban Pesach may be offered.

Mitzvot (precepts) currently applying on Seder Night:

Reclining; dipping and eating karpas; washing hands; breaking the matza and hiding part for the afikoman; a fixed version for the narration; a special blessing for eating the matza; dipping the maror into the haroset and eating it, with a special blessing; egg with salt; eating the afikoman; singing songs and reciting poems of praise and thanks.

Each of the mitzvot of the Seder has two aspects:

(a) A reminder of the slavery;
(b) A reminder of the liberation.

  • Kiddush (as on every Sabbath and festival).
  • Drinking four cups of wine (Rabbinic law).
  • Eating maror (Rabbinic law).
  • Eating matza (Torah law).
  • Reading the story of the Exodus (Torah law).

The rabbis also established additional obligations, as follows (placed here in the order in which they are done):






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