Camp Mountain Chai

Camp Mountain Chai in Angelus Oaks Forest is an overnight camp for children and teens from the San Diego Jewish community and surroundings. The camp is run in three cycles during the summer. Due to camp management's desire to introduce Israel into the camp agenda it was decided eight years ago to include six Israeli campers from Sha'ar Hanegev. The teens, 9th grade graduates, are selected from among their peers. They will embark for the third cycle of the camp, which lasts two weeks. Prior to arriving to camp the Israeli teens will stay with host families that are involved in the camp's activity. This will be an opportunity for them to experience, momentarily, the city of San Diego. Upon arriving to the camp the teens will join the "Atid" group with teens of their own ages and together experience camp activity. While at camp the Israeli teens will lead two activities on Israel and/or Sha'ar Hanegev for the entire camp. The experience of Americans and Israelis spending time together and interacting at camp stimulates long term acquaintanceship and friendship between the teens.