Songs Concept Symbols Customs Laws Prayers & Blessings Names
1. Bereishit (Genesis)              
2. Yizkor (memorial prayer for the dead)              
3. Hakafot (circuits)              
4. Habrachah              
5. Hazak, hazak venit'hazek              
6. Hatan Bereishit              
7. Hatan Torah              
8. Kol hana'arim (all the children/youth)              
9. Livracha velo liklalah For a blessing and not for a curse              
10. Lehayim velo lamavet For life and not for death              
11. Lesova' velo lerazon Sufficient and not a bare minimum              
12. Mikra Kodesh Holy Assembly              
13. Mashiv haru'ah umorid hageshem Causes the wind to blow and the rain to fall              
14. Conclusion of the Torah reading cycle              
15. Aliyah laTorah Calling up to the Torah              
16. One bull              
17. Sheheheyanu              
18. Simchat Torah              
19. Shemini Atzeret              
20. Tefillat HaGeshem (General) Prayer for Rain              






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