1. Students should understand the reason for the following Mitzvot: succah, the arba'a minim (four species), and celebration (Simchat Beit Hashoevah).

2. The student should know the difference between a succah that is kosher and one that is not, and between the arba'a minim (four species) that are kosher, and those that are not.

3. Students should know how Succot was celebrated when the Temple existed (for instance, Simchat Beit Hashoevah) and how it is celebrated today.

4. Students should appreciate the significance of giving praise and thanks to G-d for His lovingkindness to us at the time of the Exodus, and in every subsequent generation.

5. Students should focus on observing the two main Mitzvot connected with Succot: the succah and the arba'a minim (four species), within the context of, 'You shall rejoice on your festival'.

6. Students should know about the Mitzvah of Hak'hel (Assembly in the Shmittah (seventh) year.

7. Students should know that Succot differs from other festivals, in that all the nations of the world will eventually celebrate it, by making pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

8. Students should be familiar with Tefillat HaGeshem (the Prayer for Rain), and understand the concept of, 'On Succot judgement is delivered regarding water'.

9. Students should understand the concept of Hoshana Rabbah as the day on which judgement is finally sealed.





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