1. Students can create a Succot chart, on which they mark the Mitzvot relating to Succot and the days on which they apply.


Day Diaspora Israel
1 Yomtov Yomtov
2 Yomtov Chol Hamo'ed
3 Chol Hamo'ed Chol Hamo'ed
4 " "
5 " "
6 " "
7 Chol Hamo'ed
Hoshana Rabbah
Chol Hamo'ed
Hoshana Rabbah
8 Shemini Atzeret Shemini Atzeret
Simchat Torah
9 Simchat Torah Issru Chag
10 Issru Chag  

2. Students can build model succot that illustrate the various laws concerning building a succah.

3. Hold a competition for decorating the succah.

4. Prepare students to read the final section of the Torah (Vezot Habrachah).

5. Students can prepare posters on the following themes:

- the Mitzvah of living in the succah
- the arba'a minim (four species)
- the Hoshana prayers
- Regalim (the pilgrimage).

6. Students can prepare a Dvar Torah, short plays, excerpts for reading and poems to be presented to the other students in the school succah.

7. Students can build the school succah and decorate it.

8. Students can prepare a chart of Torah readings for all the Festivals, and those of Tishrei, in particular.

9. Students can volunteer to help members of the community to build their own succot.

10. Students can prepare a short dramatization of each of the seven ushpizin, each group adopting one of the seven 'guests'.

11. Students can prepare a party for Erev Simchat Beit Hashoevah.






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