1. Akedat Yitzchak - G'd will provide the lamb. A textual study by Nehama Leibowitz z"l Download pdf ©

2. Tzom Gedaliah (the Fast of Gedaliah) on the 3rd of Tishrei.

3. Asseret Yemei HaTeshuvah (the Ten Days of Repentance) from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur.

4. 'Seek G-D when He is available, call on Him when He is near.' (Isaiah 55:6)

5. General prayer, prayers for mercy, Selichot (prayers for forgiveness).

6. Prayers amendments and additions during the Asseret Yemei HaTeshuvah :

    • (a) In the Amidah: zochrenu lechayim; mi chamocha; hamelech hakadosh; hamelech hamishpat; uchtov besefer hachayim.
    • (b) Additions: Psalm 130; Avinu Malkenu; Psalm 27;
    • (c) Oseh hashalom; le'eilah le'eilah;

7. The bases of Teshuvah : remorse, Vidui - confession, abandoning the wrong way.

8. Shabbat 'Shuvah '. Hosea's call to repentance ('Return to G-D!' 14:2)
"Return O' Israel !" A study of Hosea's call to repentance by Nehama Leibowitz z"l  Download pdf ©  





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