The Western Galilee & Central Area Consortium / Matte Asher Partnership Center

The Western Galilee and Central Area Consortium Partnership is very proud to be the first Partnership of the 46 JAFI Partnerships to complete construction of a new Partnership Center.

We have moved into the beautiful building which we share with the Regional Council of Matte Asher. Matte Asher is using their part of the facility as an extension of their Young Adult Center which is in a building next door.

Watch a video of the Partnership Center being built and see the beautiful location and building: 

The Partnership Center (Beit Hashutfuyout) is located north of Nahariya facing a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. The Western Galilee/Central Area Consortium Partnership is joined by the Western Galilee/Dallas Partnership and the Nahariya/Northern New Jersey Partnership in the suite of offices on the ground floor. Together with Matte Asher, we all share a large multi-purpose room which can be divided for smaller gatherings and a conference room outfitted with the latest technology.

Having a home for the Partnership was a vision of a number of the Partnership activists and after 7 years, it is a reality!

The Partnership Center was made possible by 125 donors – organizations, Federations and individuals, Israelis and Americans – who contributed generously to make this project a reality.  We appreciate each and every donor.

Thanks go to Harold Gernsbacher, Zoe Riekes and David Laron who served as the Chairs for this endeavor.

You are all invited to Come Home to the Western Galilee and visit The Partnership Center.



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03 Feb 2020 / 8 Shevat 5780 0