Tzfat International Center for Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah

The Tzfat Kabbalah Center implements tourism programs based on Tzfat’s historical Jewish gift the birthplace and home of Rabbi Issac Luria Ashkenazi (also known as the Holy "Ari"), originator of the Kabbalah. The Center attracts close to 30,000 visitors each year, who seek to learn and experience the Kabbalah, as well as celebrate special events such as Bar Mitzvah or Jewish holiday related events. Visitors include Birthright participants, youth, school students from Israel and abroad, soldiers, B’nei Mitzvah, and more… As always, the Center is assisting the Partnership in producing relevant events and hospitality, such as Kabbalistic Bar Mitzvah celebrations to participants of the Bar Mitzvah project, hosting youth groups from St. Petersburg, and almost every guest and group from Palm Beach.