A New Kind of Aliyah

Thousands of young people from around the world every year leave family, friends, and careers behind to immigrate to Israel. This generation of “new” new immigrants arrive full of motivation and

Purim in the FSU

Hamentaschen. Costumes. Treats. We are excited for Purim! Here's how Jews in communities we serve in the Former Soviet Union are celebrating.
העובדים בפתח בית הכנסת בטביליסי,גאורגיה

Seminar in Tbilisi

Employees of The Jewish Agency for Israel and the World Zionist Organization were excited to meet the young Jews in Tbilisi, Georgia who are revitalizing their community with Zionist programs. Jewish
ניקולאס למפרט

Jewish Life Without Fear

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 27-year-old Nicholas Lampert now says he lives in “heaven.” In a literal sense, he lives in Israel.

Supporting and Empowering Women in Israel

As her bakery’s popularity grew, Michal set an ambitious goal to open a branch in a suburb of Jerusalem. She developed a strong business plan, but had a serious problem: she couldn’t obtain a business