Seder Companions & Guides

Dwelling Place
Interactive online games and materials about Seder for kids.

The Family Haggadah
9 screen shots of how to make your own Haggadah, using excerpts and contents page, in

English, with 6 excerpts from the Haggadah

This Growing Haggadah
Marks the 14 traditional parts of the Seder, but with contemporary and general commentary and

without the intermediate texts; all in English

Elimelech David Halevi or
Family and leader's guide to Pesach, Seder, different customs (also French) 


Leading the Seder: 5 files and a bibliography on how to do each main step of the Seder (with

transliteration and vocalised blessings), but not the full text; interesting questions and family
activities; additional links in "Together".

Gallery of 100 rare illuminated Haggadah texts with descriptions; question guide & historical index suitable for educators and adult education.

My Jewish Learning
Total Pesach companion 

Rabbi Lawrence Rigal
Walk through the Seder

David Rosenthal
How to lead a Seder and other issues [Conservative] 

Torah Org (Project Genesis)
Articles, analysis, thought

Virtual Jerusalem
Haggadah & guide for kids.

For more Seder Guides with full text Haggadot, please see our Online Haggadah collection!

The Seder Plate & Related Customs

Aish Hatorah
Clear, brief explanation 
Dwelling Place
Interactive Seder plate game 

Jewish San Francisco
Interesting details of Sephardi customs with the zero'a, beitzah... 

Judaism About
Maror is only given as horseradish here, but many actually use lettuce; no graphics

Neveh Yerushalayim
Order of the Seder Plate in charts; all the Mishnah details for the vegetables, lots of poskim,

analysis of different vegetables and poskim for different communities. Lots more about the
lettuce and the sources! 
Rabbi Lawrence Rigal
Well-charted and numbered items with explanations behind the titles, mentions N. African custom
of spring onions for karpas, inter alia 

Yemenite Traditions

Bar Ilan University
Yemenite traditions, mainly following the Rambam; footnotes 

Pesach in Sa'ana'

Shema Yisrael
Yemenite karpas, maror

University of Toronto, Women's Studies & Judaism
Yemenite women and customs; dukah, halek and charoset; mentions only walnuts, not almonds - which are a Talmudic reference. 

Melodies & Variations from Different Jewish Communities

Ladino Melodies
Includes lyrics and tunes for Pesach, especially Echad Mi Yodea; Moroccan tradition.

Midrash Ben Ish Hai
Sephardi-Iraqi transliteration of a few popular Haggadah features and Sharh dialect version of Ha Lachma Anya.

Piyut [Avi Chai Foundation/Snunit/academic & community partners] [English interface] [Hebrew interface]
33 Popular Seder songs from ,  Yemenite, Italian, Ashkenazi and the range of Sephardi communities, as well as Israel, Chabad &c.

Some Syrian Jewish pizmonim (melodies) for Pesach






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