Community Engagement Committee

With a focus on developing relationships between people through creative collaboration, experiences, and professional connections, our Community Engagement programing hosts participants from various professional and creative disciplines including, but not limited to: Education, Community Work, Performance Arts, Design, Film, Entrepreneurship, Business, and more.


The Learn2Gether program invites Israeli, American and Hungarian Inquisitive participants to make personal connections with each other through a learning of Jewish and Israeli texts of various sources. The program encourages discussion, sharing and bonding. Participants are assigned a pair from a different continent to share and talk with, once a month. Joint plenary sessions are held once every 2 months to engage everyone in guided learning. The personal connections become real, when the participants meet face-to-face in Israel or in the communities.


Our Visionaries program is an opportunity to expose your community to unique and pioneering individuals from the Western Galilee who are either experts in their fields or true visionaries. They come to share their story through lectures, panel discussions, informal meetings and workshops. We curate interesting and inspiring stories and design a program that can be enjoyable to variety of audiences in your community.

Yom Ha'Atzmaut Delegation

The Yom Ha’Atzmaut Delegation is a program offered to our communities as a way to connect local audiences with creative Israeli entertainment including stage-art performances and art.


Art programs are a core aspect of our committee and are always offered. The program scope and focus field may vary – photography, music, paint, through poetry and dance – we aim to create platform for real exchange for local artists in our Israel and overseas communities.

Women Leading a Dialogue

The Women Leading a Dialogue is a multicultural women’s empowerment program. Its mission is to find mutual ground and strengthen the bond between Arab and Jewish women from the Western Galilee while sharing, exposing and involving our partner communities to the complex diversity of the Western Galilee. The women meet throughout the year and, with the help of s facilitator, discuss mutual issues pertaining to being women and mothers in Israel and in the Western Galilee. Another component of the activities is a visit to the US where the women inspire the communities to form their own dialogue groups.


As we expand our network, we continue to develop new initiatives with the committee’s chairs and team. If you have an idea that connects your community to the Western Galilee, the Community Engagement team would love to hear about it! Please contact one of our staff or volunteers:

Nancy Burnett, US Co-Chair:

Noa Tene, Israel Co-Chair:

Avital Ben-Dror, Staff:

Gil Klempert, Staff:



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