1. Members of the class can make a list of various things we do throughout the year. Each group of students can undertake to reflect on to what extent their behavior was right, and also undertake to do good deeds in the future - such as: helping friends, helping the elderly, helping parents, respecting parents, studying Torah, giving Tzedakah, respecting teachers, etc.

2. Each student can write on a slip of paper (anonymously) a list of things that have hurt him or her. These slips are then collected and put into a box. Students take turn drawing out a slip at random and suggests a way to set right the hurt that was done to someone else. This is followed by a discussion in the class on the main acts which hurt students and how they can be prevented.

3. The class can undertake a project called,
'Turn away from evil and do good'. Each group will help in the sphere of communal activity that interests them: helping the elderly or the sick, Tzedakah, helping students who are slow at learning, improving the appearance of the school, etc.

4. A group of students with good voices can learn the special melodies for the prayers of Yom Kippur and sing them to the class, followed by other students who should prepare short explanations of these prayers.

5. The school can organise a competition, and award prizes or bonuses to students who excel in doing good deeds during the Asseret Yemei Teshuvah , from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur.





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