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The questions of what makes a "good" Jew is one which is of great interest to Jewish young people today. You have often heard the comment: "Yes, s/he is a member of the Synagogue, but look at the way s/he runs his/her business!" Or, "I don't have to go to synagogue to be a good Jew. What's important is my sense of ethics." So, what are the attributes of a good Jew?!!

The "Three Sons" (or Daughters!) is an exciting way for the group to become involved in finding answers to this question. This program can be developed into a two-scenario, full scale, dramatic presentation, using costumes, etc., or can be run as a simulation, without additional preparation.

The activity has been extended with a true case from the British courts. The group leader may decide to invite a local rabbi or teacher to discuss the issue of who is a "good" Jew.

The Three Sons

The Three Sons - Simulation Activity by BBYO, as revised in Hadracha Digest No.1, 10 Programming Ideas, Youth & Hechalutz Dept., WZO (Education Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel), Jerusalem, Second Edition, 1986.
Extended and adapted, G. Ansell Brauner, 1995.





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