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This is an activity section with its own background included, although we also recommend referral to the files on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Please see, too, the file on ideas for short activities.


Below are a number of situations which raise moral issues in Jewish terms and afford ideas for genuine opportunities to make changes and perform good deeds as part of Teshuva towards Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur as well as guidelines for behaviour throughout the year.

Activity Suggestions

1. Stories - select the items more suitable for younger children and use these examples or make up your own stories. Relate them into the children's lives and explain the meaning behind Rosh Hashana, the Ten Days of Penitence, Yom Kippur. 2. Role-play - select the issues you feel meaningful to teenagers; play out the incident and the optional scenarios for answers (where they exist) in order to trigger discussion or four-corner debate. Tie it into moral and emotional development programme with the Jewish sources. 3. Using the sources. Give each pair or five a set of sources on one topic. Have them create their own situation and act it out. 4. Video - film groups acting out different items with one of the optional answers (scenarios) and open each encounter with one of them; what are the reactions and understandings of the scenario? Now study the Jewish sources. Discuss what kind of person the sources are building and examine how realistic this is for modern Jewish youth. 5. Bar/bat mitzvah projects - a number of items could be used to build a trimester or year project on the concentric circles of individual children, family, school/youth group and commmunity with practical and creative assignments in different areas.

The Materials

Each situation represents a real-life dilemma which the students have to deal with according to halachic sources: there are a number of possible responses / continuation scenarios developed to stimulate discussion. These are followed by the Jewish sources which have been translated from the Hebrew. You may wish to make photocopies.

The Situations

Below is a list of the files and the dilemma titles to facilitate your planning:

Visiting the Sick
Pushing in Line
Saving a Friend
Preventing Damage
Visitor Behavior
Care of Animals
Obligation to Give Charity
Loans versus Charity
Return of Lost Objects
Child-Parent Triangle
Should I Wake my Father?
Honoring a Teacher
Honor one's Father and Teacher

ACKOWLEDGEMENT: This file includes an edited selection of situations and sources from the collection in the kit on The Tishrei Festivals, which can be ordered through e-mail (price $100 plus postage).
The series of education packs on Jewish Festivals and lifestyle, produced originally by the DEPARTMENT FOR TORAH EDUCATION AND CULTURE IN THE DIASPORA, include: The Tishrei Festivals, From Pesach to Shavuot, Tefila - Prayer

Edited Version: Gila Ansell Brauner, Hannah Salm
Translations from Hebrew Sources: Ruth Morris.





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