Click: Supporting Social Initiatives

The Click fund provides a flexible, efficient platform through which independent young Israeli social activists (one person or very small groups of partners) can receive micro-grants to initiate community-service programs.
Click nourishes long-term, sustainable solutions to social gaps and focuses on positive change from within society.
After a careful screening process, young people with sound, detailed plans – especially those working toward socio-economic improvement in Israel’s geo-cultural peripheries – receive seed funding of $1,000 to $2,000 and mentorship, meet regularly, and learn organizational principles.
The projects and programs supported by Click are varied, and include activities in education, environmentalism, the arts, economic development, and other fields that strengthen civil society and stimulate positive change.
The Jewish Agency for Israel has been active for many years in encouraging social activism by young people. Click provides an efficient platform to help them jump-start programs that help build a model society in Israel, one built on a re-awakened sense of collective Jewish purpose.

Click at Work: Projects from the First Cohort

Click’s first cohort in 2012 included nine inspiring programs that uplifted a variety of populations around
Israel. They included:
  1. Avnei Derech, through which micro-grant recipient Shirley Keni helps eight young high-functioning autistic Israelis to increase their independence.
  2. Parents of Native Israelis: micro-grant recipient Vika Finkelstein teaches immigrant parents with young children about Israel’s school culture.
  3. Netivot Group, run by Yaron Samimi, is a co-op of 260 families. They will use their micro-grant to advertise their services and provide the necessary membership cards.
In 2013 we aim to increase the program to include 15 to 20 beneficiary groups, who in turn will create services for hundreds or thousands of other Israelis.