Assistance in getting to your first address in Israel

When arranging Aliyah from overseas, the Jewish Agency for Israel is delighted to make you a gift of a one-way airline ticket to Israel from specific ports of departure.

For information regarding available ports of departure and arrangements from other locations, please speak to your local Aliyah office.

In most cases, you'll also be entitled to take additional baggage on your flight with you – speak to your local Aliyah office for specific details.

Once you arrive in Israel, having gone through initial processing at the airport, the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption will arrange free transportation to your first address. 


  • Aliyah Portal

    04 Dec 2014 / 12 Kislev 5775
  • US documents

    12 Feb 2014 / 12 Adar 5774
  • Certificado Apostila

    Como parte da sua aplicação, você poderá ser solicitado a providenciar uma certificação apostila para alguns de seus documentos públicos.

    20 Oct 2016 / 18 Tishrei 5777
  • UK documents

    12 Feb 2014 / 12 Adar 5774
  • Australian Documents

    12 Feb 2014 / 12 Adar 5774
  • Canadian Documents

    12 Feb 2014 / 12 Adar 5774
  • South African Documents

    12 Feb 2014 / 12 Adar 5774
  • Eligibility for Aliyah

    The Jewish Agency for Israel acts on behalf of the Government of Israel to process applications for immigration to Israel based on the Law of Return.

    17 Sep 2013 / 13 Tishrei 5774
  • US and Canada

    Our specialist Aliyah staff are based in offices across North America as well as paying visits to other locations according to demand. In locations where there are few Olim services are provided by other Jewish Agency or local staff.

    19 Feb 2014 / 19 Adar 5774
  • The Law of Return

    In 1950, Israel’s Knesset passed a remarkable law, beginning with a few simple words that defined Israel’s central purpose: “Every Jew has the right to immigrate to this country...”

    24 Nov 2013 / 21 Kislev 5774