Admissions Process for the Bible Camp

Who can participate in the World Bible Quiz?

  • Jewish youth from all communities in the Diaspora.

  • Boys and girls, aged 14-18; or those who study in 9th to 12th grades.

  • Candidates who have never taken part in the International Bible Quiz Camp.

  • Children of official emissaries of the State of Israel, or children of official representatives of Israeli agencies/organizations are not eligible to participate.


Data on the Number of Participants in the Bible Quiz

Countries around the world are divided into four groups according to the number of Jews living in each:

  • Countries with more than one million Jews – four representatives (Israel and the USA)

  • Countries with more than 100,000 Jews – three representatives (i.e. France, Brazil, England, etc.)

  • Countries with more than 25,000 Jews – 2 representatives (i.e. Belgium, Holland, Italy, etc.)

  • Countries with less than 25,000 Jews – 1 representative (Greece, Gibraltar, Bulgaria, Romania, Hong Kong, etc.)


Admissions process

  • The candidate will apply to the quiz coordinator at his/her school or district of residence.  If there is no such coordinator, the candidate will apply to the national/state coordinator.
  • The candidate will have participated in, and won, a local/regional/school quiz.
  • Open to winners of a national/state quiz.
  • Candidates will complete and send the registration form, including a passport photo.
  • Candidates will complete and send a form containing flight details.
  • Candidates must receive written approval for participation in the International Bible Quiz from the national/community quiz coordinator/rabbi/shaliach.



The Bible Camp is accompanied and led by experienced and professional staff members, some of whom have been involved in this field for many years. The team is led by a camp leader with more than 20 years’ experience.

Representatives of the Bible Quiz will be responsible for all contestants’ needs during their stay in Israel, until the end of the Camp: medical insurance, transportation, accommodation, food, educational tours, and meetings with Israeli dignitaries.

Representatives of the Bible Quiz will meet all contestants at the airport, after stamping their passports, next to the information desk, before receiving their luggage, and transfer all contestants to the youth hostel, for the opening of the Bible Camp.