Hafukh Al Hafukh

Galilee Panhandle and Canada -Hafuch Project
The Hafukh Al Hafukh is a guidance and information center for adolescent youth, which emphasizes warm, welcoming and un-judging atmosphere. Adolescence is characterized by difficulties and unique challenges such as identity formation, self-image, peer pressure, decision making, testing boundaries and experimenting with dangerous substances.
In addition, teen immigrants from the Former Soviet Union face difficulties that include adaptation to society and culture issues. Some teenagers feel guilty and responsible for their parents' immigration difficulties because they perceive themselves as the reason for their parents' immigration to Israel. The center aims to fulfill the social principle that the immediate extended community is responsible for the advancement of opportunities for those growing up within it. The center is a coffee shop that offers all adolescents, regardless of ethnic origin, socioeconomic status or level of functioning, a place where they can talk to people and gain information, guidance and referrals to relevant social services.
participant's population- 13-18 old teenagers, most of them coming from the FSU. The majority of them were born in Israel and the rest immigrated recently. Most of the teenagers coming to Hafukh Al Hafukh come from low socioeconomic background. Each day around 30 teenagers attend the center.
The program Gives guidance and information for teenagers having problems adjusting to the Israeli society and culture. 
The teenagers who come to the center are characterized with loitering behavior, drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, social and emotional problems and immigrant related crisis.
Short -term objectives is to Give the proper and needed answer for the unique needs which characterize FSU teens by recruiting a Russian speaking social worker with a background of immigration from the former Soviet Union who will be familiar and close to the adolescent youth both in language and culture.
Long-term objectives is to Create a joint space for communication and growth, while providing the necessary and relevant tools for developing social sensitivity and tolerance to others. Building programs and working in groups that will enable meaningful and constant development towards adjusting to society and generating a sense of belonging.