Arnona (Municipal Tax)

Olim are eligible for a reduction on municipal tax.

Arnona is a local property tax paid by each household to the local municipality / council. 
In Israel, this tax is also paid by renters.

The tax rate differs widely from location to location.

The rate is set at the start of each year and is a rate per square meter of property (the larger the property the higher the arnona paid).

Olim and Ezrachim Olim (but not Katinim Chozrim) are entitled to a reduction of up to 90% (depending on location) on up to 100 square meters of their arnona bill for 12 out of their first 24 months in Israel.

Apply for the arnona discount at your local municipality / council by presenting:

  • Property contract
  • Arnona bill (to arrive by mail)
  • Updated Teudat Zehut
  • Teudat Oleh