Experience Israel

Be part of the building of a Jewish society, meet Israelis, and see the sites firsthand:  Visiting Israel is a transformative experience (and a lot of fun).



Experience Israel Programs

  • Masa Israel Journey

    Spend 5-12 months in Israel as part of a study, volunteer, or internship program with other young Jews from around the world.

  • Taglit-Birthright Israel

    Visit Israel as a part of the classic 10-day educational trip, free of charge.

  • The Global Leadership Institute

    Established in 2013 with the aim of building the capacity of young adults to be able to mobilize others to make progress on tough local & global Jewish challenges and to lead across organizational, geographic and denominational boundaries in times of change.

  • Na'ale: The World's Jewish High School

    Do you want your teenager to develop a lasting relationship with Israel, other young Jews from around the world, and Hebrew? Here is their opportunity to finish high school in Israel!

  • Israel Tech Challenge

    Israel Tech Challenge is a chance for exceptional programmers to experience the Start-Up Nation, first hand.

  • Machon Youth Leadership Training

    Machon provides leadership training for graduates of Zionist Youth Movements from around the world.

  • Onward Israel

    Spend a summer in Israel building your resume, meeting friends, and getting to know Israel.

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