Since the escalation of violence in the Middle East, there has been renewed movement at the UN with Israel again the target of one sided condemnations, and unfair criticism.

At the time of the UN's 50th anniversary, the organization failed to mention the Holocaust in its World War II resolution, despite pleas by Israel.

The UN has passed a number of anti-Israel resolutions regarding Israel's construction project at Har Homa in Jerusalem. On March 12, 1997, the GA passed the first of these resolutions by 130 to 2; once more, only the United States and Israel voted against it.

Most controversial was the recent "video clip scandal."
After Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon, three Israeli soldiers were kidnapped.




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After a press story in Israel, it became clear that the UN was withholding information and, in particular, a videotape filmed at the time, which would shed light on the kidnapping. Only after a huge protest did the UN allow Israel to observe these tapes and then only under restriction.



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