MFA links for Durban Conference

1. The context of those behind the Durban atmosphere is very important and should be addressed - see here on Human Rights in Arab and Muslim Countries.

2. Deputy Foreign Minister Melchior's speech is in Appendix 1 and online at

4. Excerpt from Press Conference with Foreign Minister SHIMON PERES, Jerusalem, September 3, 2001 online at

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres: "We have instructed our delegation in Durban to come back home. We regret very much the very bizarre show in Durban. An important convention that was supposed to defend human rights became a source of hatred, a show of unfounded accusation, a reverse to every responsibility on the international arena.

We don't feel defeated. We feel peace was defeated. We don't feel as though Israel was accused. I think the accusers are the ones to be blamed. [...]"



Durban A Circus of Calumny - Elie Wiesel





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