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Established in 2013 with the aim of building the capacity of young adults to be able to mobilize others to make progress on tough local & global Jewish challenges and to lead across organizational, geographic and denominational boundaries in times of change.

Born out of the Machon Le'Madrichim, which has trained youth leadership since 1946 and has a graduate pool of over 15,000, The Global Leadership Institute has a talented and experienced faculty and offers a variety of short, medium and long-term programs in Israel and around the globe. 


The Institute trains close to 1000 students annually (age range 18-34) all of whom are involved in multi-staged leadership programs and who are committed to communal work throughout and beyond the programs' duration. 



1) Initiator

2) Intermediate

3) Master:



We believe in a globally resource-full Jewish People fueled by the curiosity, creativity, inter-connectivity and resilience of our leaders.
WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT? We provide transformative training opportunities aimed at cultivating a mindset and skillset among a select set of Jewish adults who have the potential to lead change on a local and global level. Using the Harvard-developed Adaptive Leadership and Global Leadership disciplines, our programs are designed to train participants in ways that allow them to meet the rapidly changing and complex environments of their home communities and of the Jewish world in general.
“When we face a challenge where people have to change, leadership’s role is to engage the people with the problem to solve it for themselves- rather than prescribing a solution from the top down” (Ronald Heifetz, Harvard University)
In a high-powered and intense action-oriented programming environment in which Jewish and Israel related content-areas seamlessly 'feed' learning objectives, students experience and work through a variety of learning strategies in order to achieve our four learning objectives that pertain to each of our programs: 
1.Self-mastery: Ability to hold steady and thrive during instability and complexity.  
2. Bridge-building: Ability to be empathic about, capture, and embrace the possibilities inherent in our difference.
3. Adaptive Work: Capacity to face tough challenges, develop new habits of behavior and lean into change.
4. Systemic Awareness: Stakeholder - 'we are all in this together' - perspective, sees how things work together.           
These four learning objectives respectively make up the values at the heart of our vision: Resilience & Purpose, Curiosity, Creativity and Inter-Connectivity.


The Global Leadership Institute operates three types of program defined by their length and intensity:
The Global Leadership Institute operates three types of program defined by their length and intensity




  • MASA ISRAEL - GLI Leadership Initiative

Short term intensive global leadership seminars for Masa-Israel participants from around the world.  

The Masa-GLI Leadership Initiative is a leadership training program that takes place as an integrated part of the Masa participant lifecycle. The initiative leverages the global dimension of Masa’s programs, together with the GLI’s global leadership training capacity, and aims to inspire and empower the best and brightest Jewish young adults to take on key lay and professional positions locally and globally.

In partnership with Masa Israel Journey Click here for further info on Masa>
Masa Israel - GLI Leadership Initiative

Shevet - Toronto Young Emissary Alumni Program: 

Shevet, the ShinShinim Alumni Program of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Jewish Agency for Israel, is a pilot project operating in conjunction with the Jewish Agency’s Global Leadership Project. Shevet seeks to leverage the yearlong experience of Toronto's ShinShinim to strengthen the connection between Israel and the Jewish world, with a special focus on building upon the alumni’s unique global skillset, mindset and understanding of Israel and Jewish communities around the globe. The ShinShinim Program was created to strengthen the relationships of Toronto Jews with Israel.  However, what has become apparent is that the one-year the ShinShinim spend in Toronto has created the opportunity to build the Shevet which we expect can be at least as valuable in Israel as what has been built in Toronto.                                              
In partnership with the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.
Shevet, the ShinShinim Alumni Program of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Jewish Agency for Israel




  • Machon Le'Madrichim - Institute for Young Leadership

The Machon, long term residential leadership training for youth leader representatives of global Zionist youth movements, established in 1946 is the GLI's foundational program. The Machon is designed to provide youth movement participants from around the globe a training experience which build their capacity to exercise leadership for their youth movements and beyond.  The Machon trains 450 participants on an annual basis in three sessions of 4 month periods and serves audiences from Latin America, Australasia, Europe, North America and the UK. 

In partnership with the World Zionist Youth Council. Click here to learn more about Machon Le'Madrichim
Machon Le'Madrichim - Institute for Young Leadership
  • Minyanim

Minyanim, 18 month global fellowship program, provides a two-year framework for adults volunteers from Central, Eastern, Western Europe and Israel, to engage with each other, form international networks, and explore their diverse Jewish narratives. It empowers participants to build pluralistic Jewish communities in their home countries. The two-year study program was created by The Jewish Agency’s Global Leadership Institute, and focus on building a Jewish community in the context of global Jewry.

In partnership with UJA Federation of New York.  Click here to explore more about Minyanim 

Minyanim empowers participants to build pluralistic Jewish communities in their home countries.


  • Klal Yisrael - The Roswell Fellowship for Jewish Peoplehood Leadership

A year-long global fellowship program for a select group of summer camp professionals of the Reform Movement from around the globe.    

The program aims to Build a global network of inspiring and outstanding Reform leaders committed to their local communities and the International Reform Movement, Enhance participants' value of and appreciation for diversity as well as group cooperation across cultural and regional boundaries;  Generate new models for Jewish engagement on the three axes of local, global and Israel, The Fellowship includes four educational webinars throughout the year, and enhanced by three in-person gatherings: one in Israel (late December) and one in Eastern Europe (mid-April) to learn with each other and outstanding leaders and scholars.

In partnership with the Union for Reform Judaism.
Klal Yisrael - The Roswell Fellowship for Jewish Peoplehood Leadership