Get Connected! Nashville

The Get Connected! program is designed to provide Nashville's post Bnai Mitzvah students with a connection to a deeper sense of their Judaism, their peers in the Nashville community and to Israel and its' people. Research indicates the achievement of these goals provides many future benefits for the American teens to live a meaningful Jewish life with affinity to the Jewish Community. Get Connected! Offers a six session educational program followed by a 12 days experience in Israel. In addition to a meaningful experience touring Israel, the program is set to have 5 days together with Israeli teens from the Hadera Eiron region, traveling together and being hosted in family homes of their peers.  When the teens return to Nashville, they broaden the trip's experience with a series of actions including activities together with the visiting Israeli counselors who are volunteering in the "Summer Camp" program. The program's main goal is to provide opportunities for on going connections with teens in the Jewish community, connections to Eretz Israel and connections with fellow teens from the Hadera Eiron region. At this point, the program is open to all Jewish 11th graders in Nashville.