Expediting the Immigration of the Remaining Relatives of the Ethiopian Jewish Community

Whereas the Government of Israel adopted in 2015 a decision to bring to Israel the last of those in Ethiopia with relatives in Israel, estimated at the time to be 9,300 individuals and of whom 1,500 have arrived until now;

It is hereby resolved that:
The Jewish Agency for Israel commends the Government of Israel on its decision to renew the immigration of those still in Ethiopia who have relatives in Israel and urges it to take the necessary steps, including the allocation of sufficient budgets, to bring the entirety of those eligible to come to Israel under the Law of Entry as per its decision 716 of 2015, thereby concluding this historic chapter in the Zionist enterprise in a timely manner.

In so doing, The Jewish Agency affirms its desire to work hand-in-hand with the Government of Israel in achieving this goal, and reaffirms its previous commitment to carry out appropriate preparatory activities, including organizing medical examinations, tickets and travel documents for those who will be coming.




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14 Mar 2019 / 7 Adar II 5779 0