The Reform and Progressive Movement

תפילת יום כיפור בבית הכנסת הרפורמי בבת עין

The Jewish Agency supports the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) as part of its commitment to Arvut Hadadit (mutual, reciprocal responsibility of one Jew to another) and the unity of the Jewish people.

The Reform Movement, also known as the liberal or progressive movement, is one of the three major streams of North American Jewry. The global movement includes 1,200 congregations and community centers in over 50 countries around the world. Together, they make up the largest religious and communal movement in contemporary Jewry. The IMPJ is the non-profit umbrella organization of all Reform congregations and institutions in Israel and operates close to 50 congregations and community initiatives across the country, from the Galilee Panhandle to kibbutzim in the Arava.

The Jewish Agency also supports a network of 50 Reform kindergartens and eight elementary and post-elementary schools throughout Israel. The movement’s congregations also run a variety of Jewish Agency-funded study programs, including batei midrash (Jewish study programs); and programs for veteran Israelis and olim (immigrants to Israel).

In addition to the headquarter Israeli organization, the Jewish Agency also supports other Reform institutions operating in Israel, including the World Union for Progressive Judaism and Hebrew Union College, the movement’s rabbinical training institution, located in Jerusalem. In addition to a rabbinic beit midrash, the College also provides training programs cantors, Jewish educators and spiritual guidance.

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