1004 King David establishes Jerusalem as the capital of the Kingdom of Israel  
967 King Solomon's reign begins  
960 Solomon builds the First Temple as the religious and spiritual center of the Jewish People  
922 The Kingdom divides between North (Israel) and South (Judah) - Jerusalem is the capital of Judah  
586 Nebuchadnezzer, King of Babylon conquers Jerusalem and destroys the First Temple - the Jews are exiled to Babylon  
MID-530s Jews return to Eretz Israel from Babylon and start to build the Second Temple  
517 Second Temple is completed  
MID 5th Century Ezra and Nehemiah rebuild Jerusalem's walls and strengthen the Jewish community  
332 Alexander the Great (Greece) conquers Jerusalem  
Late 4th Century Ptolemy I takes control of the city  
199 Jerusalem is conquered by the Seleucids of Syria  
167-164 Maccabean revolt against the Hellenistic domination; Jerusalem is restored to jewish autonomy under Hasmonean (Maccabean Empire)  
63 Roman invasion led by Pompey  
37 King Herod appointed as ruler of Judah by the Romans, restores the Temple  
33 Jesus crucified in Jerusalem  
66-73 First Jewish Revolt against Rome  
70 Jerusalem and the Second Temple are destroyed after Roman siege  
132-135 Second Jewish revolt led by Bar Kochba, Jews slaughtered, exiled from the city  
324 Byzantine rule - the Roman Empire including Jerusalem becomes christian under Emperor Constantine  
614-638 Jerusalem falls to the Persians (614), Byzantines (629) and Arab Muslims (638)  
688-691 Dome of the Rock and El-Aksa built  
1099 First Crusaders capture Jerusalem  
1187 Saladin captures Jerusalem  
1260 Mamelukes rule Jerusalem  
1516-17 Turkish Ottoman Empire (sultan Selim) conquers Jerusalem  
1535-38 Suleiman the Magnificent rebuilds city walls  
1858-60 Mishkenot Sha'ananim built by Montefiore - first jewish settlement outside Old City walls  
1917 British conquer Jerusalem; British Mandate period  
1947 Partition plan calls for internationalization of Jerusalem  
1949 Jerusalem proclaimed Capital of the state of Israel  
1965 Teddy Kollek becomes Mayor  




Six Day War - Jerusalem reunified under Israeli control

The Israel Knesset passes the  Basic Law: Jerusalem, declaring Jerusalem the Capital of Israel and a united city.

Passing of the "Jerusalem Day Law", establishes the 28th Iyar, Yom Yerushalayim, as a national holiday.

1992 25 years for reunification  



3000 years since the establishment of Jerusalem as the capital city by King David

Israel and the city of Jerusalem celebrates 40 years of reunification.




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