1 - The Jew and the Jewish World
2 - The View from History : The Refugee Question - To Accept Or Reject?
3 - Another View from History The French Connection.
4 - Brothers and Enemies
5 - ‘Who Are the Jews?’: Defining the Collective Nation/People
6 - Interfering or Influencing? Our Right to Judge Others
7 - Returning to History: An Italian Case-Study
8 - Continuing the Story: The Anglo-Jewish Response
9 - Ending the Story: What Happened to Edgardo?
10 - Jewish Languages - How Do we Talk to Each Other?
11 - Jewish Memory: What Do we Have in Common?
12 - The Eastern European Story: The Reappearance of Jewish Community
13 - The Community of Hungary
14 - The Modern Jewish World - Past, Present And Future

Activities by Section

1. The Jew and the Jewish World
        Activity: Linking Jews
2. The View from HIstory
        Activity: Accepting The ‘Other.’
3. Another View from History: The French connection
        Activity: Examining Loyalties
4. Brothers And Enemies
        Activity: Know Your Enemy
        Activity: Jewish Pictures

5. ‘Who Are The Jews?’: Defining The Collective
        Activity: Who Are The Jews?
6. Interfering Or Influencing? Our Right To Judge Others
        Activity: The Right To Influence?
7. Returning to History An Italian Case-Study
        Activity: Saving A Jew
8. Continuing The Story: The Anglo-Jewish Response
        Activity: The Answer From England
9. Ending The Story: What Happened To Edgardo? 
        Activity: Back To Edgardo - The Man Who Never Came Home
10. Jewish Languages - How Do We Talk To Each Other? 
        Activity: Speaking As Jews… 
11. Martin Buber 
        Activity: Memories, Memories
12. The Community Of Hungary
        Activity: Reviving Community? The Case Of Hungary
        Activity: Reviving Community - Building A Plan
        Additional Activity: The Voice Of The Organization
        Activity: Sunshining

13. The Modern Jewish World - Past, Present And Future 
        Activity: Making Sense Of Numbers.





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