Applying for an Israeli Passport

How to apply for a passport

An Oleh (immigrant to Israel) may enter and exit Israel with his or her foreign passport for a period of 90 days following his or her date of Aliyah. As of July 30, new immitrants may apply for a full Israeli passport, issued by Israel's Interior Ministry immediately after immigration immediately, even prior to the end of the 90 day period, if he or she signs a waiver to right of rejecting Israeli citizenship. At the end of the 90 days from the date of Aliyah, every immigrant is eligible to recieve a full Israeli passport that will be valid for five years. There is no longer a one year waiting period for a full Israeli passport. 

If five years have passed from the date of Aliyah before requesting a full Israeli passport for the first time, an Oleh (immigrant) is eligible to recieve a passport that will be valid for ten years. If the immigrant has not in fact spent five years in the country before applying for an Israeli passport of the first time, the immigrant will be eligible for a five-year passport. 

Israel is currently introducing biometric travel documents. More information is available on the website of the Ministry of Interior.

Apply at Misrad HaPnim branches. Each family member must be present, and must bring:

·          If you are not applying for a biometric passport -  2 recent, frontal passport photos (poor quality photos and photos in uniform will not be accepted)

·          Teudat Zehut

·          NIS 280 per adult, NIS 140 per child*

·          Completed application form*

Minors must be accompanied by a parent. If parents are divorced, both parents must agree to issue of the passport.

*Application forms may be filled out and payment made online (in Hebrew only). The form must then be taken to the local office of Misrad HaPnim. When paying online, the cost of the passport for an adult is NIS 195 (between November and February) or NIS 250 (between March and October) and NIS 90 (between November and February) or NIS 125 (between March and October) for a child.

Processing is generally fairly quick with the passport being mailed out in approximately 2 weeks. Delays may occur however and it is recommended to apply in a timely fashion.