Moshava in the Lower Galilee, also known by its Arab name - Mesha.

The origin of the Hebrew name is Mont Tabor (pronounced Tavor) at the foot of which the moshava is located.

Kfar Tavor was founded in 1909 by the Jewish Colonization Association. Its first settlers were veterans of the old moshavot Zikhron Ya'akov* and Rosh Pina*. In the early years, the settlers were harassed by their Arab neighbors and, until World War I, Kfar Tavor was a center for the activity of the "HaShomer " Jewish self -defense organization .

For many years, the village development was very slow as a result of lack of water.

In the early 1990's, the population of Kfar Tavor reached some 650; agriculture and services constitute its main economic branches.




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