1. Special Effort for Aliyah from Argentina

Whereas the situation in Argentina has deteriorated since the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency launched a special campaign for enhancing Aliyah from Argentina in October 2001, and  Jewish brothers and sisters in Argentina, as well as the entire Argentinean nation are undergoing extremely hard times;

And whereas Argentinean Jews are still feeling the efforts of the terror attacks the community suffered;

And whereas it is estimated that there are 40,000 middle class Jews who have reached a point where they must extand their hands for charity and that many others are unemployed;

And whereas the Jewish education system - in the past the jewel in the crown of Jewish Zionist Education in South America has suffered a serious blow following the economic crisis in Argentina, a fact that drives many young Jews away from the Jewish educational system;

And whereas Argentinean Jews have expressed a great interest in making Aliyah , and thousands are opening Aliyah files ;

And whereas the Israeli government, despite the current serious security and financial crisis  has decided to enlarge the assistance for absorbing Argentinean Jews who make Aliyah in 2002, so that the cost of governmental assistance for an Oleh stands at  $10, 000;

And whereas the Prime Minister of Israel and the Israeli Government have approached the Jewish Agency and Jewish communities around the world to request that they join in this special effort, and increase their assistance to Argentinean Jews who make Aliyah;


Therefore, it is hereby resolved that:


1. The Jewish Agency and its partners will positively respond to the call of the Government of Israel to the Jewish People at this time of need.

2. The Jewish Agency will increase its assistance to the Jews of Argentina who make Aliyah to Israel now. In addition to the organization of their Aliyah and bringing  them to Israel, the Jewish Agency will help them to bring with them their personal  belongings, assist them in  their initial absorption, in finding employment and will  help offset property left behind (the total cost of this aid is estimated at $ 7,000 an Oleh).

3. The Jewish Agency, together with its partners, KH and UJC, and in coordination with the Government of Israel, will work to raise the neseccery resources for this special effort  to bring the Jews of Argentina home to Israel (The cost of bringing 20, 000 Olim is estimated at approximatly $ 140 million).

4. The Jewish Agency and its partners will approach the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and other foundations and the international organizations, in order to include them in this critical effort.




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17 Feb 2005 / 8 Adar 5765 0