5. Amendment to the Reconstitution Agreement Composition of the Executive

Whereas the Board of Governors deems it essential that the World Chairman of Keren Hayesod and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the United Jewish Communities be permanent ex officio members of the Executive of the Jewish Agency;

And whereas this would constitute a change in the composition of the Executive which requires an amendment to the Reconstitution Agreement, which can only be made by the Assembly of the Jewish Agency;

Now therefore be it hereby resolved:

That the following proposal to amend the Reconstitution Agreement be presented to the assembly by the Chairman of the Board of Governors, in the name of the Board of Governors and on his own behalf in accordance with the procedures for the amendment of the Reconstitution Agreement:

To amend the current Section II E 2 as follows:

1.  Subsection (d) shall be renumbered (f).

2.  The following new subsections shall be added after subsection (c):

"(d) The World Chairman of Keren Hayesod, on behalf of the WZO.

(e) The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the United Jewish Communities."




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17 Feb 2005 / 8 Adar 5765 0