1. Amendment to the By-Laws on Allocations

WHEREAS the allocation process does not allow funding of programs from more than one source within JAFI and the WZO; and


WHEREAS even though funding through the MASA project is viewed as funding from within a JAFI source, it is of utmost importance for the MASA effort, currently in its initial stages, to encourage programs to continue to receive funding from both MASA and JAFI;



1.  To provisionally amend the current sub-section IV D 3 of the By-Laws by adding the following sentence (addition underlined):

"IV D 3.       Programs will be entitled to allocations from only one source within JAFI or WZO. The aforesaid will not apply to programs funded by the MASA Company."


2.    This amendment shall be in effect for a period of three years only.  









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28 Nov 2006 / 7 Kislev 5767 0