3. The appointment of a member of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors and Executive as a company director on behalf of the Jewish Agency



1.  The By-laws of the Jewish Agency [Section VIII, clause F3(a)] do not allow, inter alia, members and associate members of the Executive of JAFI, members of the Board of Governors of JAFI and members of the WZO Executive to be appointed as directors of Jewish Agency companies, unless the Board of Governors, upon the written request of the Chairman of the Assets and Liabilities Committee, with the approval of the Treasurer and Chairman of the Executive, allows such an appointment as an exception, provided that it be satisfied that special circumstances exist.


2.  The Chairman of the Assets and Liabilities Committee, having received the approval of the Treasurer and the Chairman of the Executive, hereby requests the Board of Governors to allow the appointment of Mr Richard Pearlstone to the Board of Directors of The Spirit of Israel – The Israel Campaign Company.


3. As Mr Pearlstone has special knowledge and experience in the area of activity of the company to which it is proposed to appoint him as a director, the Board of Governors is satisfied that special circumstances exist for this appointment.


Therefore be it resolved to allow the above appointment.


All other rules regarding the appointment of directors will apply.






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05 Mar 2008 / 28 Adar 5768 0