4. Support for the Restitution Efforts of Hashava

WHEREAS the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets Ltd. (HaShava) was established pursuant to legislation by the Knesset and deals with restitution of assets in Israel belonging to Holocaust victims or their heirs, wherever they may be; and


WHEREAS cooperation and support for the work done by HaShava will strengthen and advance the company’s goals and aid the legitimate claims of victims and heirs;



JAFI commends the restitution efforts of HaShava and calls on all of its constituent organizations, partners and related entities to actively encourage their constituents to disseminate information related to HaShava, including placing HaShava’s link* on their respective websites.


*  www.hashava.org.il








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23 Dec 2012 / 10 Tevet 5773 0