Aliyah Resolution

Whereas the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate
Whereas there is a rise of demonstrated acts of anti-Semitism in Western Europe especially France
Whereas the Government of Israel has taken note of these changes by appropriating new funds for Aliyah
Whereas the Jewish Agency for Israel has been and continues to be a primary instrument for Aliyah as covenanted with the Israeli Government

Therefore be it resolved that:
1)  The Jewish Agency, work to secure additional funding from and work with the Government of Israel for Aliyah of choice, rescue and initial klitah.
2) The Jewish Agency will continue to work with the Government of Israel to ease restrictions and bureaucratic obstacles for new Olim.
3) The Jewish Agency will urge the newly formed Government of Israel to develop and adapt with the Jewish Agency, a National Plan for Aliyah and Klitah of potentially hundreds of thousands of new Olim.



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16 Mar 2015 / 25 Adar II 5775 0