Resolution for Multi-Year Funding: the “Israel Tech Challenge” Project
Be it resolved that following the recommendation of the Budget and Finance Committee and of the Executive, the Board of Governors resolves as follows:
Whereas:  the “Israel Tech Challenge” Project, a joint initiative of the National Cyber Bureau at the Prime Minister’s Office and the Jewish Agency, has set a target for itself to create programs that will encourage young people with high level and exceptional technological skills to come to Israel, with the intention of integrating them into key technological positions; and
Whereas: the initiative consists of 3 programmatic experiences: Short term (through Taglit), midterm (through Onward Israel) and long-term (through Masa); and
Whereas: the Jewish Agency allocates from its 2013 core budget $170,000 for financing the infrastructure of the project, such as management, marketing, recruitment and development; and
Whereas:   The National Cyber Bureau at the Prime Minister’s Office intends to allocate a sum of $195,000 for financing the implementation of the long term program and the technological infrastructure in order to implement the 2014-5 programmatic  year. This sum shall be paid based on the implementation of the Initiative. The Prime Minister’s Office’s commitment is subject to the Jewish Agency's commitment to an annual payment of 170 thousand US dollars between the years 2014-2015; and
Whereas:     the Jewish Agency wishes to make such a multi-year commitment to implement the initiative;

Therefore be it resolved:
1. To approve a multi-year commitment of 170 thousand US core dollars per annum, for two years 2014-2015, for JAFI's participation in the Initiative subject to signing an agreement between the Prime Minister’s Office and JAFI.
2.   The Finance unit is authorized to handle the implementation of the above resolution, and to sign all the agreements needed for the implementation of the resolution.



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23 Mar 2015 / 3 Nisan 5775 0