Update: Hopes and Fears Road Map Update Guide & Revised Index


Introductory Questions

1.   What are the chances of the Road Map's success?  What are the challenges that stand in the way?
     Use the scales diagram below to list some on each side.

[Hint: Start with the point made in the introduction and any other contextual or historical points; check against the text of the Road Map to see if and how they are addressed.]





2.   Is there a timeline in the Road Map? Mark up what you find and discuss it.
     [Hint: Use the full text, but also any articles marked as overviews!]

3.   Does the Road Map offer specific steps and tools to achieve the goals in the Preamble?

4.   With which analyses do you agree most?

5.   See also Issues to Analyze

6. See also Point to Ponder





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