Identity and Midrash

A group will meet for a 5 week course in both P2G communities to study materials on the same topics and create a shared language to understand their Judaism and its place in their life and expectations from each other. The group in Israel will be led by a professional member of the program provider. In the US community, the program will be led by Dr. Brenda Brasher, while the contents and professional support will be prepared together by the provider’s professional in Israel and Brenda in New Orleans. The groups will meet for a 5 week course on Jewish identity that emphasizes individual reflection and group discussion. They will focus on a topic decided upon beforehand, while participating in curriculum development. They may try to incorporate a film, or short videos as teaching materials. The five weeks will involve separate sessions for each community, as well as group sessions where they meet together The Open Beit Midrash is a parallel Beit Midrash running simultaneously in each of the groups. The Jewish open minded, non-denominational setting provided by the Beit Midrash will encourage the exploration of new answers and the building of new friendships. One of the goals this year would be to train the RH participants to lead that group in the future, and to widen both groups’ circles to outside the P2K immediate connections. Target Population: 10 participants in each community, ages 30-50, from all denominations and walks of life who are interested in an open minded, pluralist learning experience. Recruitment of participants will focus on host families or among those who took part in the partnership over the years. The steering committee and other programs participants will be involved and will help to recruit new participants for future courses