Community Shlichim

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Community Shlichim work in and with more than 250 community organizations in over two dozen countries.  They serve as a central resource for Israel education in the local community and help increase Jewish identity and feelings of connection to Israel.  In 2017, 94 Israelis worked with Federations and other Jewish communal institutions. There are four kinds of Community Shlichim, representing different experience levels and job descriptions:

Yovel Shlichim, a track of senior Shlichim, have vast experience in Jewish communal work and help large communities set strategic directions at high levels.
Bina Shlichim are often joined by their families. These Shlichim have experience in informal education, community work, and or management. These Shlichim work with organizational partners, community donors, and help manage committees.
Ofek Shlichim are between the ages of 22 and 30 and do unique work in community management and educational processes. These Shlichim develop and lead educational and social programs with institutions and members of the community in which they serve.
Shachar Shlichim are young professionals who have college degrees and proven professional experience. These Shlichim perform unique work in the communities in which they serve, especially in synagogues.   



Shlichim (Israeli Emissaries)


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